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2015-2016 Giving Challenge Honor Roll Of Donors

Women's Soccer Alumnae

First Name Maiden Name Last Name Reunion
Mary McDermott Mirhady 1989
Janis Motichka 1989
Andrea Vazzana 1990
Patricia Ritter Tarrant 1991
Kathleen O'Shea O'Shea-Saumell 1991
Margaret Ventrudo Ventrudo 1991
Amy Fabrizio Nichols 1993
Lynda Lohsen Duffy 1994
Andrea Miller-Jones Miller-Jones 1995
Michelle Meyer Dwan 1996
Diane O'Connor Rymer 1996
Lynn Tasca Reed 1996
Mary Clark 1997
Lauren Szczepaniak LaPointe 1997
Denise Grotz 1998
Melissa Martenak Martenak-Walke 1999
Alison Yankanich Stutz 2000
Kimberly Walter Kaplan 2001
Danielle Ruppel 2001
Kathleen Shields Seda 2001
Fay Galbraith Alexander 2002
Amanda Linehan 2003
Diana Panunzio 2004
Lisa Guarini 2006
Theresa Ferraina 2009
Kelly Thomas 2011
Lauren Norcia 2013
Gianna Ports 2013
Gabrielle Tana 2015
Colleen Folan 2015

Although we strive to list each athletic alumni donor who made a gift from June 2015 - April 2016 accurately, errors and omissions do sometimes occur. If your name is listed incorrectly or does not appear, please contact Brian Schultz at

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