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  • Best way to measure progress as well as strengthens and weakness of players and overall team.  Testing is done 2 to 3 times a year with a variety of tests. For example we test athletes on:
  • 1 1/2 mile run (turf field)
  • 120 yd dash
  • T-test (10 yd x 10 yd)
  • Bench press ( 1 rep and 3 rep)
  • Push up (30 seconds)
  • Full sit up (30 seconds)
  • Vertical (no step and 1 step)
  • Broad jump
  • 10 minute sprint test
    • Down and back twice (40 sec for 4 minutes)
    • Down back down (30 sec for 3 minutes)
    • Down and back (20 sec for 2 minutes)
    • Down court (10 sec for 1 minute)


Goal setting

Individual and team goals will be set after each testing session. Failing to meet goals or no improvement seen overall in test results a 20 minute individual work out will be included to assure meeting goals at next test date.

    • Mile: endurance work out
    • 120 yd dash: speed work out
    • T-test: agility/coordination work out
    • Bench press: upper body strengthening program
    • Push up: upper body/core strengthening program
    • Sit up: core/ low back strengthening program
    • Vertical: plyobox work out
    • Broad jump: core/low back/ leg strengthening program
    • Sprint test: speed and endurance work out

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