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  • Every member of the team will be ranked based on test results. After each player is ranked an average will be taken and that will determine their overall ranking on the team. Having a better score in individual tests will earn you more points towards your overall ranking. Players can also earn extra participation points by doing approved individual strength and conditioning work outs. Every testing session a new ranking will be posted and the final testing in May the TOP HOUND will be awarded. 
2010-2011 Results

Women's Basketball
Name Points
Erica Diclemente 81
Katie Sheahin 78
Alyssa Sutherland 73
Miriam McKenzie 70
Julie Smith 61
Kathleen Excellent 61
Nneka Offidile 52
Candice Walker 50
Nicole Krusen 40
Kiara Henderson 33
Men's Basketball
Name Points
Erik Etherly 111
Anthony Winbush 79
Bobby Olsen 78
J'hared Hall 77
Dylon Cormier 75
Chido Onyiuke 74
Shane Walker 72
Pierson Williams 69
Josh Wiegand 62
Brian Rudolph 61
Luke Wanderush 52
Paolo Ivis 47
Julius Brooks 44
Justin Drummond 40
Name Points
Vanessa Gaulius 119
Aubrey Kirven 113
Simone Reid 107
Jac Bullock 83
Annie Manes 82
Taylor Koncelik 80
Faye Lucas 78
Sam Reeves 77
Nicole Sarby 76
Katie Dirkes 72
Meg Lowry 70
Janet Pressler 55
Casey O’Hanlon 48