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Loyola Strength & Conditioning

Mission Statement

The strength and conditioning program aspires to produce athletes with strength, speed, power and discipline that are capable of putting these qualities into play in the area of competition. The Strength and Conditioning staff will enhance each individual student-athlete's athletic potential through a structured program that includes all aspects of development and injury prevention.

The designed programs are created to increase an athlete's strength, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and explosiveness which are all important components in the developing a highly-skilled collegiate athlete. We believe Strength, Speed, and Conditioning are the key to a successful athletic career. We continue to research, develop and implement strategies to give the cutting edge to achieve peak performance.

The primary goal of the strength and conditioning program is to minimize risk of injury by adequately preparing all athletes for the demands of competition. It is well established that effective training programs improve joint stability and joint range of motion, increase muscular strength and power, enhance movement mechanics, and increase energy system function. The end result is a heightened ability to manage the physical stress of competition.

The second goal of the strength and conditioning program is to improve the performance capabilities of each athlete and contribute to the success of each team. This is accomplished through consistent, sport-specific training that challenges each athlete mentally and physically. Specifically, movement-based training built on a foundation of proven principles is effectively periodized to prepare each athlete for optimal performance during the competitive season and maintain that level of fitness throughout the off season.

We achieve this through evolving training programs that are successful and measured based on individual and team testing results. the designed training regimens based on individual physical evaluations using flexibility, speed and agility, muscular strength and endurance, muscular power, and aerobic endurance testing.




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