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71 Student-Athletes Named To Fall Patriot League Honor Roll

Brennan Goldsmith was one of seven student-athletes to earn a 4.0 during the fall semester.
Jan. 29, 2016

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. - Loyola University Maryland placed 71 student-athletes on their respective sports’ Patriot League Academic Honor Roll for the 2015 fall season.

All five teams had more than half of their roster earn honor roll recognition, led by women’s cross country with 94 percent of the team’s student-athletes being honored.

Of the 71 honored for their academic achievements, seven earned a 4.0 in the fall semester, including Brad Beard (men’s cross country), Brennan Goldsmith (men’s soccer), Cordelia McGinn (women’s cross country), Kelly McShea (volleyball), Danny Mooney (men’s soccer), Casie Morgan (women’s cross country) and Ryan Tuck (men’s soccer).

To be eligible for the Fall Academic Honor Roll, a student-athlete must earn a 3.20 grade-point average in the fall semester and participate in one of the Patriot League's seven fall championship sports.

Name                       Team                                   Cl.       Major/GPA

Brad Beard               Men’s Cross Country          Jr.        Global Studies, 4.000        



Sean Brennan          Men’s Cross Country          Sr.       Business Administration, 3.334  

Alex Buchholz          Men’s Cross Country          Fr.       Business Administration, 3.732  

Leo Catinella            Men’s Cross Country          Fr.       Biology, 3.235         

Colin Chandler        Men’s Cross Country           Fr.       Business Administration, 3.532  

Edward Leonard      Men’s Cross Country          Fr.       Business Administration, 3.751  

Michael Michon        Men’s Cross Country          Jr.        Chemistry, 3.544    

Jonathan Mugavero Men’s Cross Country          Jr.        Biology, 3.482         

Zachary Nerenberg Men’s Cross Country           Jr.        Business Admin. & Economics, 3.788  

Michael O’Donnell   Men’s Cross Country          Jr.        Political Science, 3.468     

Ryan O’Donnell       Men’s Cross Country          Fr.       Biology & Psychology, 3.739        

Tom Porth               Men’s Cross Country           Jr.        Chemistry & Biology, 3.929          

Tyler Schoch           Men’s Cross Country          Fr.       Biology, 3.791         

Sarah Askine          Women’s Cross Country      Jr.        Speech Pathology, 3.734  

Erica Canas            Women’s Cross Country     Sr.       Communications, 3.734   

Christina Daniels    Women’s Cross Country      Fr.       Undeclared, 3.574

Kendyl Fahmy        Women’s Cross Country     So.      Biology, 3.667         

Sara Gilson            Women’s Cross Country     Sr.       Chemistry, 3.927    

Daniella Joyce       Women’s Cross Country     So.      Mathematics, 3.481           

Cordelia McGinn    Women’s Cross Country    Jr.        Psychology, 4.000  

Caitlyn McGuinness Women’s Cross Country  Jr.        Mathematics, 3.751           

Casie Morgan         Women’s Cross Country   So.      Psychology & Writing, 4.000         

Kayla Parlavecchio Women’s Cross Country   Sr.       Accounting, 3.400   

Emily Richards        Women’s Cross Country   Sr.       Business Administration, 3.534  

Megan Ritz              Women’s Cross Country   So.      Undeclared, 3.468

Gabrielle Silvestri    Women’s Cross Country   Fr.       Elementary Education, 3.602       

Mary Sutton             Women’s Cross Country   Fr.       Undeclared, 3.874

Courtney Wallace    Women’s Cross Country   Fr.       Biology, 3.625         

MaryEllen Woods    Women’s Cross Country   Fr.       Undeclared, 3.200

Tyler Beaudoin        Men’s Soccer                    Fr.       Business Administration, 3.418

Jake Campbell         Men’s Soccer                   Fr.       Engineering, 3.824

Dylan Engel             Men’s Soccer                    Jr.        Business Administration, 3.670

Nick Giordano          Men’s Soccer                    Fr.       Undeclared, 3.600

Brennan Goldsmith Men’s Soccer                     Jr.        Business Administration, 4.000

Jake Heroux            Men’s Soccer                     Jr.        Business Administration, 3.536

Griffin Kutzner         Men’s Soccer                     Fr.       Undeclared, 3.500

Mike LaRose           Men’s Soccer                     Sr.       Accounting, 3.466

Dan Marino             Men’s Soccer                     Fr.       Undeclared, 3.532

Max Moog               Men’s Soccer                     Sr.       Business Administration, 3.668

Danny Mooney        Men’s Soccer                     So.      Engineering, 4.000

Antony Sare            Men’s Soccer                     Jr.        Chemistry & Biology, 3.866

Ryan Tuck               Men’s Soccer                     Jr.        Communications, 4.000

Laurin Vogel            Men’s Soccer                     Jr.        Business Administration, 3.468

Maddie Boccio         Women’s Soccer               Jr.        Business Administration, 3.466

Alyssa Bonnesen    Women’s Soccer                So.      Business Administration, 3.534

Jamie Borden          Women’s Soccer                Jr.        Speech Pathology, 3.868

Julianna Cabrera     Women’s Soccer                Fr.       Speech Pathology, 3.266

Morgan Crable        Women’s Soccer                 Jr.        Business Administration, 3.534

Sarah Ensor            Women’s Soccer                Fr.       Undeclared, 3.668

Colleen Folan          Women’s Soccer                Gr.       Business, 3.835

Rosy Hayes             Women’s Soccer                Sr.       Speech Pathology, 3.668

Krista Hinchman      Women’s Soccer                Fr.       Undeclared, 3.751

Brooke Kerrigan      Women’s Soccer                Sr.       Communications, 3.668

Emily Lung              Women’s Soccer                Jr.        Business Administration, 3.400

Sara McGeough      Women’s Soccer                Fr.       Undeclared, 3.934

Charlotte Miller        Women’s Soccer                Sr.       Speech Pathology, 3.668

Riley Piechnick        Women’s Soccer                Sr.       Business Administration, 3.800

Kailey Rote              Women’s Soccer                Sr.       Biology/Psychology, 3.411

Mia Sardella             Women’s Soccer               Fr.       Biology, 3.231

Jess Soldiviero         Women’s Soccer               Jr.        Elementary Education, 3.800

Kelsey Targarona     Women’s Soccer               Jr.        Business Administration, 3.833

Nicole Wahlig           Women’s Soccer               Jr.        Speech Pathology, 3.400

Molly Cichosz            Volleyball                          So.      Accounting, 3.400

Anna Eckstein           Volleyball                          So.      Elementary Education, 3.606

Danielle Hillman         Volleyball                         So.      Business Administration, 3.534

Jane Lukas                Volleyball                          Jr.        Business Administration, 3.466

Kelly McShea             Volleyball                               Jr.        Speech Pathology, 4.000

Haley Puddy               Volleyball                               Fr.       Speech Pathology, 3.418

Elena Scarano           Volleyball                               So.      Speech Pathology, 3.934

Molly Werts                Volleyball                               Fr.       Undeclared, 3.532

Lauren Youngblood    Volleyball                               Jr.        Biology/Psychology, 3.668




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