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Loyola has been affiliated with four conferences throughout it's NCAA Division I women's lacrosse history:

Loyola Women's Lacrosse Representatives on the United States National Team
1982 Patty Allen Coates
1983 Patty Allen Coates
1983 Diane Geppi
1984 Patty Allen Coates
Diane Geppi
1985 Anne Allen
Patty Allen Coates
Rita Ciletti
1986 Patty Allen Coates
1987 Patty Allen Coates
1990 Sue Heether
1991 Sue Heether
1992 Sue Heether
1993 Sue Heether
1994 Sue Heether
Tara Kramer
1995 Monica DiCandilo
Sue Heether
Tricia Grant
1996 Michele Meyer
Kerri Johnson
Krystin Porcella
Sue Heether
1997 Sue Heether
1998 Krystin Porcella
Stephanie Sweet
Sue Heether
Kerri Johnson
1999 Stephanie Sweet
Kerri Johnson
Sue Heether
2000 Kerri Johnson
Stephanie Sweet
Sue Heether
2001 Kerri Johnson
Stephanie Sweet
Sue Heether
2002 Kerri Johnson
Stephanie Sweet
2003 Suzanne Eyler
Tara Singleton
Stephanie Sweet
2007 Tara Singleton
Assistant Coach of the US Development Team
2002-2003Sue Heether
Head Coach of the U.S. Women's National Team
2005-2009Sue Heether

Loyola Women's Lacrosse Representatives on the Australian National Team
Australian Under-19 National Team
1999Stacey Morlang
2003Talia Shacklock
Kate McHarg
Australian National Team
2005 Stacey Morlang
Kate McHarg
2009 Stacey Morlang
Jen Adams*
2013 Jen Adams*
Marlee Paton

Loyola Women's Lacrosse Representatives on the Canadian National Team
Canadian National Team
2009 Dana Dobbie*
Kylee White*
2013 Dana Dobbie*
Kylee White*
* - Selected to National Team while serving as a member of the Loyola women's lacrosse coaching staff





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