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Loyola Student-Athletes Earn Patriot League Academic Honors

The women's tennis team boasts Loyola's highest team grade point average, and all eight members -- including Haleigh Morgus (above right) and Megan Hahn -- earned Patriot League Academic Honor Roll mention.

June 26, 2014

CENTER VALLEY, Pa. - Loyola University Maryland placed 136 student-athletes on the Patriot League Winter and Spring Academic Honor Rolls, highlighting the excellence of Greyhounds in the classroom.

Eight were among the 12 Loyola student-athletes who earned perfect 4.0 grade point averages during the spring semester: Avery Allen (women's swimming and diving), Tiffany Ash (women's tennis), Stephanie Baliko (women's swimming and diving), Joe Fletcher (men's lacrosse), Colleen Folan (women's soccer), Nicole Krusen (women's basketball), Dale Maholage (men's swimming and diving), Haleigh Morgus (women's tennis), Rachel Nerenberg (women's cross country), Kelly Santangelo (women's soccer), Noelle Staib (women's swimming and diving) and Thurman Van Riper (men's soccer).

Combined with those fall-sport student-athletes who were honored following their seasons, 198 (or 55 percent of all student-athletes) from Loyola received the honors this year. To be eligible, for the Academic Honor Roll, a student-athlete must earn a 3.20 grade point average or higher during their semester of athletic competition.

Following is a list of those who were named to the Patriot League Winter and Spring Academic Honor Rolls:

Name Team Year Major, GPA
Chido Onyiuke Men's Basketball Sr. Biology, 3.44
Franz Rassman Men's Basketball So. Business, 3.937
Jimmy Dengler Men's Golf So. Accounting, 3.268
Connor Flach Men's Golf Fr. Undecided, 3.468
Bart George Men's Golf Jr. Political Science, 3.20
Cameron Liebert Men's Golf Sr. International Business, 3.802
Brian McCormick Men's Golf Jr. Biology, 3.825
Andrew McGill Men's Golf Sr. Finance, 3.534
Matt Oshrine Men's Golf Fr. Finance, 3.938
Fletcher Sokul Men's Golf Jr. Finance, 3.334
Matt Cunningham Men's Lacrosse Fr. Undecided, 3.60
Kyle Duffy Men's Lacrosse Sr. Finance, 3.753
Joe Fletcher Men's Lacrosse Sr. Accounting, 4.00
Pat Frazier Men's Lacrosse Jr. Finance, 3.534
Pat Laconi Men's Lacrosse Sr. Economics, 3.668
David Manning Men's Lacrosse Jr. Biology, 3.335
Chris Myers Men's Lacrosse Fr. Economics, 3.80
Mike Perkins Men's Lacrosse Fr. Information Systems, 3.561
Nikko Pontrello Men's Lacrosse Jr. Business, 3.602
Thomas Robinson Men's Lacrosse Sr. Psychology, 3.532
Jack Runkel Men's Lacrosse Sr. Business, 3.40
Kevin Ryan Men's Lacrosse Sr. Advertising & Public Relations, 3.268
Brian Schultz Men's Lacrosse Fr. Advertising & Public Relations, 3.468
Brian Sherlock Men's Lacrosse Fr. Advertising & Public Relations, 3.585
Justin Ward Men's Lacrosse Sr. Finance, 3.732
Brett Williams Men's Lacrosse Jr. Economics, 3.668
Derek Zook Men's Lacrosse Sr. Finance, 3.248
Bryan Bedacht Men's Swimming & Diving Sr. Business Marketing, 3.466
Julien Brice Men's Swimming & Diving Sr. Mechanical Engineering, 3.205
Michael Brown Men's Swimming & Diving Sr. Biology/Psychology, 3.534
Benjamin Duva Men's Swimming & Diving Sr. Information Systems, 3.40
Ryan Gordon Men's Swimming & Diving Sr. Speech Pathology and Audiology, 3.866
Madison Hardimon Men's Swimming & Diving So. International Business, 3.20
Michael Kelly Men's Swimming & Diving Sr. Accounting, 3.60
Ruslan Kopunek Men's Swimming & Diving Jr. Economics and Philosophy, 3.202
Dale Maholage Men's Swimming & Diving Fr. Accounting, 4.00
Rich Mueller Men's Swimming & Diving So. Chemical Engineering, 3.315
Daniel Sullivan Men's Swimming & Diving So. Mechanical Engineering, 3.628
Stephan Tonaszuck Men's Swimming & Diving Fr. Biology, 3.375
Matthew Bejian Men's Tennis Fr. Undecided, 3.255
Alex Castro Men's Tennis So. Political Science, 3.734
Jeff DeSanto Men's Tennis Sr. Biology, 3.315
Jordan Kuchta Men's Tennis So. Political Science, 3.668
Connor Lisco Men's Tennis Sr. International Business, 3.534
Ryan McFarland Men's Tennis So. Business Marketing, 3.334
Eric Michaelis Men's Tennis Sr. International Business, 3.627
Connor Pietrak Men's Tennis So. International Business, 3.734
John Rast III Men's Tennis Fr. Undecided, 3.40
Max Shanbrom Men's Tennis Fr. Finance, 3.202
Conor Skelton Men's Tennis Fr. Sociology, 3.80
Brittany Butler Women's Basketball So. Elementary Education, 3.417
Lauren Daugherty Women's Basketball Fr. Elementary Education, 3.40
Nicole Krusen Women's Basketball Gr. Master's, Emerging Media, 4.0
Diana Logan Women's Basketball So. Business, 3.20
Lisa Mirarchi Women's Basketball Fr. Finance, 3.80
Nneka Offodile Women's Basketball Sr. Biology/Psychology, 3.454
Stephanie Smith Women's Basketball Jr. Business Marketing, 3.665
Amy Abdalla Women's Lacrosse Fr. Biology, 3.392
Shannon Aikens Women's Lacrosse So. Speech Pathology, 3.734
Elizabeth Barranco Women's Lacrosse Jr. Business Management, 3.534
Maddy Blakeman Women's Lacrosse So. Business Marketing, 3.667
Kara Burke Women's Lacrosse Jr. Business, 3.668
Emily Clark Women's Lacrosse Fr. Biology, 3.501
Molly Dickerson Women's Lacrosse Sr. Elementary Education, 3.418
Morgan Holleran Women's Lacrosse Jr. International Business, 3.80
Molly Hulseman Women's Lacrosse Jr. Biology, 3.296
Bailey Mathis Women's Lacrosse Fr. Psychology, 3.934
MC McDonald Women's Lacrosse Jr. Writing and Biology, 3.253
Marlee Paton Women's Lacrosse Sr. Advertising and Public Relations, 3.534
Katherine Reinhard Women's Lacrosse Sr. Journalism, 3.918
Hannah Schmitt Women's Lacrosse Jr. Advertising and Public Relations, 3.434
Sydney Thomas Women's Lacrosse Jr. Business, 3.202
Taryn VanThof Women's Lacrosse Jr. Business Management and Marketing, 3.60
Cami Whiteford Women's Lacrosse Fr. Elementary Education, 3.2
Molly Wolf Women's Lacrosse Fr. Business Marketing, 3.268
Jordan Culver Women's Rowing Fr. Economics, 3.438
Carly McMahon Women's Rowing Fr. Psychology, 3.534
Sofia Pinheiro Women's Rowing Fr. Undecided, 3.501
Molli Tierney Women's Rowing Fr. Elementary Education, 3.374
Alyssa Villani Women's Rowing Fr. Speech Pathology, 3.2
Avery Allen Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Psychology, 4.0
Victoria Arturi Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Psychology, 3.868
Stephanie Baliko Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Speech Pathology and Audiology, 4.0
Erin Calderoni Women's Swimming & Diving Jr. Elementary Education, 3.532
Caitlin Callanan Women's Swimming & Diving So. Studio Arts, 3.20
Courtney Chenet Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. International Business, 3.40
Caitlin Cronin Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Business Marketing, 3.50
Cara Egan Women's Swimming & Diving So. Elementary Education, 3.856
Lisa Fralinger Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Speech Pathology and Audiology, 3.665
Samantha Freitas Women's Swimming & Diving Fr. Undecided, 3.332
Kelly Gajdzisz Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Economics, 3.687
Aneek Halperin Women's Swimming & Diving So. Psychology, 3.394
Elizabeth Hunter Women's Swimming & Diving Fr. Business Marketing, 3.866
Brianna Keelan Women's Swimming & Diving Jr. Mechanical Engineering, 3.67
Allie Krasnov Women's Swimming & Diving So. Biology, 3.602
Melissa Martinez Women's Swimming & Diving Jr. Finance, 3.268
Elizabeth Mixa Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Advertising and Public Relations, 3.583
Maya Olivieri Women's Swimming & Diving Jr. Digital Media, 3.534
Deanna Petrelis Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Speech Pathology and Audiology, 3.534
Kait Richter Women's Swimming & Diving So. Elementary Education, 3.481
Jenny Riley Women's Swimming & Diving So. Elementary Education, 3.501
Kelsey Schlein Women's Swimming & Diving Fr. Business, 3.734
Erin Shea Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Biology, 3.623
Noelle Staib Women's Swimming & Diving Sr. Advertising and Public Relations, 4.0
Tiffany Ash Women's Tennis Sr. Elementary Education, 4.0
Alexandra Billups Women's Tennis Fr. Political Science, 3.687
Megan Hahn Women's Tennis So. Biochemistry/Molecular Biology, 3.583
Katelyn Hissong Women's Tennis Fr. Biology, 3.268
Emily Hughes Women's Tennis So. Accounting and Economics, 3.268
Ania Krawiec Women's Tennis Fr. Biology, 3.608
Haleigh Morgus Women's Tennis So. Digital Media and Journalism, 4.0
Olivia Ott Women's Tennis Jr. Physics, 3.557
Anna Bosse Women's Track & Field Jr. Statistics, 3.868
Marissa Buccellato Women's Track & Field Sr. Biology, 3.844
Charlotte Criqui Women's Track & Field Jr. Sociology, 3.532
Mary DeGregorio Women's Track & Field Jr. Advertising and Public Relations, 3.278
Sara Gilson Women's Track & Field So. Chemistry, 3.942
Maria Hacker Women's Track & Field Jr. Biology, 3.317
Kiera Harrison Women's Track & Field Gr. Master's, International Business, 3.467
Kelly Hilbert Women's Track & Field Jr. Elementary Education, 3.688
Jessa Laspesa Women's Track & Field Fr. Undecided, 3.749
Amy Macchiaverna Women's Track & Field Jr. Information Systems, 3.835
Eilis McGovern Women's Track & Field Jr. Psychology, 3.856
Caitlyn McGuinness Women's Track & Field Fr. Economics, 3.73
Brianna Nelson Women's Track & Field So. Engineering, 3.276
Kayla Parlavecchio Women's Track & Field So. Accounting, 3.227
Jessica Peters Women's Track & Field Jr. Speech Pathology and Audiology, 3.934
Jacqueline Porter Women's Track & Field Sr. Biology, 3.374
Lisa Potter Women's Track & Field Jr. Journalism, 3.734
Lauren Puleo Women's Track & Field Jr. Quantitative Economics, 3.813
Rebekah Rogerson Women's Track & Field So. Psychology, 3.217
Claire Scavone Women's Track & Field Fr. Speech Pathology and Audiology, 3.536
Jenna Smith Women's Track & Field Jr. Accounting and Information Systems, 3.734
Elizabeth Sypek Women's Track & Field So. Elementary Education, 3.579
Isabela Ugarte Women's Track & Field Fr. Biology, 3.608
Courtney Willeford Women's Track & Field Sr. Journalism, 3.734






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