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Forms and paperwork

  • New NCAA student-athletes complete medical and other athletic forms using the ARMS software system.
  • Instructions for the ARMS software system will be sent to the student-athletes' Loyola E-mail account during the summer.
  • All ARMS medical forms must be completed before participation in NCAA athletics.

Physical Exams

  • New student-athletes are required to have a physical exam at home. Please use the form available on the ARMS system. The physical may be submitted through the ARMS system, or sent to:
  • New student-athletes will receive a PPE (pre-participation exam) on campus. This is an abbreviated physical exam performed by Loyola's physicians. The date of this exam varies by sport.

Insurance Information for off-campus medical services

  • Loyola's athletic training staff coordinates medical care for athletic injuries which require off-campus services.
  • Loyola University Maryland holds a secondary health insurance policy which covers athletic injuries sustained by student-athletes while participating in NCAA supervised official practices, contests, or conditioning sessions.
  • This secondary policy covers qualified expenses after the student's primary insurance has paid.
  • Loyola's secondary policy excludes coverage of pre-existing conditions.
  • All student-athletes at Loyola University Maryland are required to carry primary insurance coverage.
  • Please submit insurance information and a legible copy of the front and back of your health insurance card through the ARMS system, or send to
  • Please update Loyola Sports Medicine about any changes or lapses in your insurance coverage.
  • Parents often receive bills and EOBs (explanations of benefits) in the mail. Please forward these to Loyola University Sports Medicine.
  • Occasionally parents might be asked to submit EOBs. These documents can often be located on the web-site of your primary insurance company.
  • Many of our services are provided through Med Star Union Memorial Hospital and Advanced Radiology. For more information about insurance policies accepted at Union Memorial Hospital, please click here.
  • Since some family primary insurance plans provide coverage only in specific geographic regions, we encourage parents to look carefully at their policy and find out if their insurance
  • provides coverage in the Baltimore area.
  • Guest memberships providing out-of-network coverage are often available from your primary insurance company. Click here to view information regarding guest membership for insurance plans.
  • Please speak with Loyola Sports Medicine before paying out-of-pocket for any medical bills which may be Loyola's responsibility, or the responsibility of Loyola's secondary insurance policy.
  • It is fine to seek a second opinion for an NCAA athletic injury, but before doing so please communicate with Loyola Sports Medicine about the use of Loyola's secondary insurance policy.
  • Please call Loyola Sports Medicine with any questions about insurance and billing.

Banned substances

  • Some asthma medications and stimulant ADHD medications are banned by the NCAA and could potentially result in a positive NCAA drug test. The sports medicine staff can help determine if a medication is banned.
  • The ARMS software asks questions about banned substances. Please carefully complete these sections.
  • Student-athletes who have been prescribed a banned medication may continue to use it, but should have documentation of medical necessity on file with Loyola Sports Medicine.
  • Please contact Loyola sports medicine with any questions about banned substances including prescription medication and nutritional supplements.




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