<em>Andiamo Italia!</em> Loyola Women's Soccer Looks Back At Italian Tour

March 11, 2009

Loyola's women's soccer team took a 10-day venture to Italy during the College's 2009 spring break, touring Venice, Florence and Rome and playing three Italian teams. Senior Amanda Piccirilli shared her thoughts on the trip with

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Hello All!

I am happy to inform everyone that after a two-hour plane ride from Rome to Paris and an eigh- hour flight from Paris to Dulles, we have arrived safely back in the States! We're all exhausted, but the trip was completely worth it.

It is crazy to look back at our trip now and realize that after spending 10 days in Italy we were able to play in three games, travel to three different cities and drive more than ten hours on a coach bus. Those three hour bus rides were rough at times, but the prize at the end of the ride was unbelievable.

Those rides took us to Venice, Florence and Rome, allowing us to learn about the history, culture and architecture of these beautiful cities.

In Venice, it was amazing to see a city completely under water and to learn that it is still sinking. We luckily got there just in time because who knows, in a few years it may not even be there.

Despite a terrible downpour of rain, Florence was absolutely gorgeous and the buildings were breathtaking. A great tour guide taught us the `ins and outs' of the city in only a few hours. After viewing the Cathedrals and art sculptures, it is amazing to believe that someone did that all by hand at one point in time.

Lastly, Rome was to me was the most amazing experience I've ever had in my lifetime. Growing up, we learn about Ancient Rome and the individuals who are commonly known during that time period. After seeing hundreds of pictures in textbooks and seeing old-fashion movies of Rome, I can not possibly describe or explain how amazing the architecture was in this city. The fact that some of these buildings are STILL standing after being built during the Roman and Medieval time period, it is unfathomable to the mind to see that they are still there.

The three games we played was a great experience. Not only did it allow us as a team to continue our training and develop more as a team, but it allowed us to learn how international soccer differs from ours in the states. While our final record for the trip (0-2-1) was not exactly what we were looking for, we did learn from every game, allowing us to come back to the U.S. and continue training on the areas we need improvements in.

With me being a senior on the team, I could not have asked for a better way to end my journey here as a member of the Loyola women's soccer team. It was an unbelievable 10 days that I know everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.