Post Game Quotes: Loyola and Penn, NCAA First Round

May 13, 2012

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NCAA Women’s Lacrosse Championship
First Round – May 13, 2012
University of Pennsylvania at Loyola University Maryland
Postgame Quotes


Loyola University Maryland Greyhounds
Head Coach Jen Adams

“I’m incredibly proud of the way the team played today from start to finish. We faced a really tough Penn side who we hadn’t seen too much of. We didn’t have much crossover in scouting. We really tried to do our best this week but they really threw a lot of different stuff at us. They played a really tough style of lacrosse today that we had a lot of difficulty with. I’m very proud that the girls were able to pull out the win, and when the pressure was on it seemed when we played our best in this game. What we set our sights on in February, we’re slowly getting towards accomplishing. We had some lofty goals and one of them was to win a National Championship and we’re keeping ourselves in the hunt right now.”

Head Coach Jen Adams
On playing in a close game

“I think any time in these games, these student-athletes come out on to the big stage like this and play with so much emotion. But it’s at this time of year that people start playing their best lacrosse, and I believe that between the two teams today, we gave the spectators something special. Hopefully all those moms out there who gave up their mother’s day to come celebrate watching on the sidelines, hopefully we gave them a game that was enjoyable. I think it was a tough-fought lacrosse game and you can’t ask for anything more than that in the first round.”

Kellye Gallagher, Sr., Defender
On the offensive attack of Penn

“They went hard and we knew that they were going to go hard. But we have a strong defense and a strong defensive unit, so I knew that I could go out and take some chances. They did give us a run for our money. The one-v-one defense wasn’t easy.”

Kerry Stoothoff, Sr., Goalkeeper
On save in final seconds of overtime that led to game-winning goal

“They had possession right off the draw and they were just working the clock down. We tried to pressure out so they couldn’t hold it for the last shot, but they did a nice job of moving the ball around and keeping us honest. We tried to put the adjacents out and it didn’t work too well. Erin Brennan had it behind the net and I thought she was going to drive. It mimicked the same play as the first goal. She passed it and I knew I was on the left side of the net and was giving up a lot of the right side, so as I turned I just took a step to my right and luckily Kellye was there for the ground ball, which helped out a lot. And then it was on to the fastest girl alive [Hannah Schmitt].”

Hannah Schmitt, Fr., Attacker
Describing the game-winning goal
“Sydney Thomas had it in the midfield and I thought she was going to goal so I had to give her a lane, but stayed adjacent to her if she needed me. When she got inside the 12 she got doubled and I was on the side and I found the open net to her opposite stick side.”

Head Coach Jen Adams
On the mindset after halftime

“I think we did remain very calm. Even at halftime it was just to stick to the game plan and keep grinding away and keep looking for those good opportunities. It was a game of possession. It was a game where the team that really valued that possession found the back of the net the most. I’m not surprised it played out this way and ended up going into overtime. We both have great defenses, we both have great keepers, and we both have a very deep offensive unit where multiple people can score. In that regard we matched up really well. It was a battle back and forward. I was waiting at some point for the goals to break. We went goal for goal back-and-forth for a long time, basically the entire game. We were waiting for just that crack. I know for our team that’s really just what we need, typically. Just a little momentum builder, a little crack in the system, to build a couple-goal lead. We just never got to it today. Being able to hang in is tough, and being able to finish in those pressure situations is equally as hard.”

Head Coach Jen Adams
On the four seniors

“For these seniors, regardless of what happened today, this was their last home game at Ridley Athletic Complex. I know how much that means to them. Only having four of them I feel like that’s a really special part of what we’ve done this year.”

Head Coach Jen Adams
On the pressure of playing in a tournament game for her freshmen

“It is unnerving. I think for them, I know how much they wanted it for this senior class. For Hannah [Schmitt], Annie [Thomas], Sydney [Thomas] and Kara [Burke], I know they don’t want to be part of that freshmen class that doesn’t let them go as far as we could possibly go. You do get a little bit uptight in those games, not necessarily that you’re so nervous about the game, but you’re nervous about not being able to deliver for other people on the team. And that’s that kind of selfless teammates that we pride ourselves on here at Loyola.”

Kerry Stoothoff, Sr., Goalkeeper
On Head Coach Jen Adams

“We have a great team with a lot of talent and athleticism, but I think there are teams with even more talent than us. We have a lot of heart. But, Jen puts us in these positions to win and she can’t go unnoticed in this whole scheme of things. She puts us in these positions.”

University of Pennsylvania Quakers
Head Coach Karin Brower Corbett
“I’m proud of our kids. I think they battled a lot this year. We’ve had a lot of injuries. I think they played with a ton of heart today. I think we had our chances and I think we could have won today. So I’m disappointed . I feel badly Emily Leitner who is a great leader for us and got us farther than a lot of people that we could after we had some kids go down.”

Head Coach Karin Brower Corbett
On executing their game plan

“I think our game plan was to slow down their fast break. I know Loyola is very good at fast breaking and we needed to limit those opportunities. I thought if we got them into a settled attack that we could win the game. On the attacking side, I think we’ve been successful this year when we’ve moved well and moved the ball well and put the defense where they have to slide and move a lot. When we’ve been stagnant on attack, we haven’t been as good. I know everyone thinks we’re a stalling team, but it isn’t really what we do. It’s just sometimes we aren’t moving the ball well.”

Head Coach Karin Brower Corbett
On the defense

“The first overtime we let them score with 2.8 seconds left and then obviously with 19 seconds left so that wasn’t good. But I do think we limited their fast break opportunities and that was definitely a goal. I think we frustrated them on attack. They only scored eight goals [in regulation] and they’re a pretty high-scoring team. I was pleased. I think we had a couple defensive breakdowns where we didn’t communicate well. We have a young defense and Loyola capitalized on that. I do think we limited their chances and caused a lot of turnovers. I credit the goalkeeper for Loyola. She had a lot of good saves and we needed to move her and fake her. I really think on the offensive end that we had a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately we didn’t finish those today.”

Head Coach Karin Brower Corbett
On the experience of playing the in NCAA tournament for her young team

“I think we had a really tough schedule this year and I think every game this year has been a learning experience. We’re going to learn from today from some of the mistakes we made. I do think at the end we had a couple defensive mistakes. The decisions that we made defensively probably were not the best. But anytime you have an opportunity to play in the postseason, it gets them excited to want to do it again and hopefully we can again in the future.”

Emily Leitner, Sr., Goalkeeper
On how they defense played

“Our defense played really well. I think it was one of the most caused turnovers we’ve ever had. I think it’s important moving forward that players know that they can force turnovers against a really good team like Loyola that has phenomenal sticks. I think overall they played a really solid game and they should be proud of themselves.