Women's Basketball Hosted Coaches Clinic

Oct. 24, 2010

Baltimore, Md. - The Loyola University Maryland women's basketball team hosted a free Greyhound Coaches Clinic with Head Coach Joe Logan today.

"Today was a great turnout of local coaches to our third annual coaches clinic," said Head Coach Joe Logan. "The young athletes from the Baltimore area are extremely fortunate to have so many coaches willing to give up their time and help them become better players and people."

The clinic is for high school, middle school, AAU and rec coaches. Coaches will breakdown film and team development, see on-court player demonstrations, watch a live practice, and learn skills and drills to help their team. Over 80 coaches showed up for the clinic today.

"It is great," said Brad Rees a coach who came to the clinic. "This is the second or third year I have been out here. It's great to see how these coaches do it. You get some great drills and great conditioning. These coaches have been great helping the high school and AAU teams get better so it has just been great."

"I know that they are very fundamental base coaching staff and need to take what they do at the college level and see if there is anything that applies with my teams," said John Hildreth an AAU coach. "One of the things you can see is everything they do here we can take and bring it back to the younger levels as well."

"Just really to learn," said Rick Emory on why he came to the clinic. "I figured as coaching anything I could do to make myself better, to make my organization better and to make my girls better.

The clinic featured recruiting notes with assistant coach Alisha Mosley, watched basketball practice and conditioning workout, had chalk talk with head coach Joe Logan and a Q & A panel with Loyola women's basketball players.

"The tempo is probably the thing I saw," said Hildreth about the practice. "This is the way they are running their practice and you can see these girls are getting ball handling, passing, shooting and unbelievable lay-up drills. So they cover everything and then they go into a scrimmage with everything they applied and their skill sets. So it is a really nice thorough way to run a practice."

"Mainly the live practice," said Emory about his favorite part about the coach clinic. "Seeing the coaches take it to the floor. See what they are doing everything from the strength coach to the recruiting process, to the girls themselves going through the drills."

"The thing I like the best is you get some great drills," said Rees. "Every time I have come out here you get different drills and then go back and implement with your teams. The kids love the variety."