<i>Buon Giorno!</i> - Loyola Women's Basketball Italian Countryside Tour - Day Seven

Aug. 27, 2008

Welcome to "Buon Giorno!" a daily diary of the Loyola women's basketball team's trip to Italy. Check back to for daily photo galleries and updates on the trip.

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ROME, Italy - Bring on Rome.

Day seven of the Loyola women's basketball tour of Italy brought another new city, the final and largest of the Greyhounds' tour.

After a ride in the morning to Southern Italy, the group arrived in the capital city of Rome. Lunch was a quick affair before the Greyhounds embarked on a tour with a local guide.

Elena, the group's tour guide for the week takes the team to and from each city, but per Italian laws, she is not allowed to guide them in the city. She did, however, hire a local guide in Rome, as in Venice and Florence.

The guide in Roman took the Greyhounds through the famed Coliseum. Built during the Roman Empire, the Coliseum was used to entertain the Roman citizens through Gladiator fights and challenges with other animals.

The stadium, which at one time could house over 250,000 people, was free to all citizens as a gift of the empire.

After exploring the Coliseum, the group headed to see other Roman ruins in the historical center of the Rome. Outside the Coliseum were acres of former Roman ruins including the plaza square where the empire had the funeral for Julius Cesar.

Several cathedrals and temples dot the landscape en route to Plaza di Venzia where the team broke up for free time to explore the city.

Many members of the group moved on to the Trevi Fountain, a magnificent place where visitors throw a coin into the fountain for safe passage home.

After visiting the fountain, the group moved on to the Spanish steps, another famous Roman landmark.

On the way to the Pantheon, the team passed by a row of shops that held only the finest shops in the world, including Gucci, Prada and many others.

A brief stop on at the Pantheon, and the Greyhounds were on the move back to the bus to check into the hotel. While walking, some members of the group stopped at a church dedicated to the memory of St. Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order and creator of Jesuit education. St. Ignatius is buried at the church, as well.

Today's stay in Rome was brief, but the Greyhounds are here for a second day, their final in Italy before returning to Baltimore on Friday. Tomorrow, the team will take a tour of the Vatican and play its last game in Europe.

Be sure to check back for more details of the tour. Ciao!