Post-Game Quotes

Dec. 21, 2006

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Head Coach Joe Logan:
On the game overall
I'm proud of our kids effort, I'm proud that we didn't back down. These seniors played as freshman down at Maryland and them came with a lot of passion tonight. I'm proud of the atmosphere we had. I'm happy that our kids got to play in front of an atmosphere like that.

On Loyola's play
We scored 55 points against the No. 1 team in the country. We got 60 shots off and turned the ball over 22 times. When we get into conference if we limit the turnovers and get 60 shots off, we are going to beat a lot of people.

On playing Maryland at home
We want to play Maryland every year, if we can play a home and home with them and I think Brenda (Frese) will do that. She's a tremendous asset to women's basketball and I don't think she gets enough credit. The Geno's and the Pat Summitt's have laid some terrific groundwork and their tremendous ambassadors but I think Brenda is right there on that next level. The fact that she'll come here and play us tribute to her. Not only here but she went to Middle Tennessee State, she's gone to Siena in the past, Northern Iowa, she's not afraid to go out there and that really helps us out. There's a lot of red in the gym, I understand that there's a lot of Maryland fans here but also it gave us a chance to get some of our alumni back and maybe some local people that came out saw something they liked and their going to come back. It's absolutely a tribute to her and a tremendous asset to us.

Junior Meghan Wood:
On what the Greyhounds can take from the game
I think as coach said, scoring 55 points against the No. 1 team in the nation. We know our offense is there, we know we can score so we'll take that from tonight's game.

On playing in front of a sold-out crowd
It was an awesome feeling, the adrenaline rush the whole situation was a great experience.

Senior Jill Glessner
On what Loyola can build on for conference play
They got a lot of offensive rebounds and I think a lot of that was they muscled us under the basket and they are also physically bigger than us but I think once we get into conference play, the teams will be more our size and won't be such a factor. I think we grew from that experience and it will help us in conference play.

On playing Maryland at home
It's kinda a chance of a life time. I'm a senior, I'm going to graduate. Never again will I play the No.1 team in the nation and no matter the outcome you gotta go in with a positive attitude. I had fun tonight.