Former Goalkeeper Milos Kocic's Leading Toronto FC

March 18, 2012

Video of saves and original feature

While former Loyola University Maryland All-American goalkeeper Milos Kocic’s 74th minute save on Robbie Keane is on every Toronto FC fan’s mind, the heroic goalkeeper isn’t quite convinced that was his finest work in the 2-1 Champions League quarterfinal victory over LA Galaxy.

Six minutes after restart Kocic stole a goal from Keane to foreshadow the Irishman’s future frustrations with the Toronto keeper.

Television angles don’t quite do the first save justice, but watch the replay again. Kocic braces for Keane, quickly eliminates the space between him and the striker, and then lifts that now famous right hand up from his side to swat the equalizer away at the near post.

The second save showed Kocic's composure, the first may be credit to his athleticism. Both were impressive.

Which save do you prefer? Click here to watch videos of each of them.