Men's Lacrosse In Europe: Day 9 From Dublin

June 7, 2009

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The Loyola College men's lacrosse team is currently on a ten-day trip of Europe which will take them to four different countries-Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland-to play five matches, all while taking in the beautiful sights. The last few days, the team has visited Dublin, Ireland. Below, rising junior Jake Hagelin blogs the action for The team returns home on Sunday.

Saturday June 6, 2009, by Jake Hagelin

DUBLIN IRELAND- Everybody woke up rather early for a unique day in Dublin. After a night out at The Purty Kitchen, kids began to eat a quick breakfast because we had to be on the bus by 10 am. Once the bus situation was figured out we were going to be touring the city of Dublin.

We toured the city all day with our tour guide who then took us to O'Neil's Pub for an incredible lunch. For about 2 hours we rode around on the coach bus and got out a few times take some pictures. One of the first stops we made was to the St. Patrick's Cathedral. We then took the "door tour" because Dublin is known for its interesting doors.

They were very bright and wide variety of colors. We then went into the country side where we went to Ireland's largest park. The park is about 7,000 acres and there is a massive monument of a cross where we went to take some pictures. Our tour guide told us over 1 million people packed into this area when Pope John Paul came to visit. As we got off the bus there was a young lad playing an electric guitar sitting on the picnic bench. He was jamming while we just listened and then we took off.

We toured more of the city and then it was time for lunch. O'Neil's Pub was absolutely amazing. It was a buffet style lunch for 60 people. It was jam packed with other locals. There were about 5 different meals to choose from. Each and every meal was delicious as we asked around.

After we ate lunch we were free to go around the city. There were many musicians around the area who were very talented. One artist in particular must have been Japanese and was incredible. His face was painted white and he played with these sticks as he belted out some interesting lyrics. He also wore bells around his ankle that would go along with the beat. He drew a very large crowd, and people thought he was amazing.

We visited a few shops and then Chris Hurst, Kevin Moriarty, and I decided to walk back to the hotel. Kevin remembered his way back to the hotel from his previous night out on the town. Once we returned to the hotel many kids were exhausted.

I fell asleep as soon as we got back and woke up later on. Dinner was on our own for the night, so we went to Godfather's Pizza. After we ate dinner, most kids on the team relaxed as some others enjoyed their night out in Dublin.