Men's Lacrosse In Europe: Day 6 From Chester, UK

June 4, 2009

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The Loyola College men's lacrosse team is currently on a ten-day trip of Europe which will take them to four different countries-Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland-to play five matches, all while taking in the beautiful sights. On Wednesday, the team visited Chester, Chesire, UK, where they cruised to a victory over the English National Team and enjoyed a last night out in Manchester. Below, rising senior Chris Hurst (Massapequa, N.Y./Massapequa) blogs the action for Please check back to this site throughout the week for more updates.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009, by Chris Hurst

CHESTER, CHESHIRE, UK- Today we took a short but smelly bus ride to Cheshire Oaks. Most of the guys were able to catch a quick nap but were punched in the face with a horrible happened to be horse dung. This area has quite alot of farm land.

We were let out of the bus where we were able to do a bit of shopping in an outdoor outlet. Many guys continued to search for "fair" prices for football jerseys. After some shopping we drove to Chester which was a a very quaint colonial looking town. There were many shops, bars, tours, etc. around the area. Most of the guys just walked around but myself, Shane Koppens, Jake Wilcox, and Chris Basler decided to head to a park where we joined Owen and James, two local soccer players...who happened to be 8 and 10 years old. We split up the teams and played 3 v 3 to 5 using sandals for the goal posts.

The Man of the Match was Jake Wilcox, scoring all 5 goals for his team (ball hog). We captured the moment with a few pictures with kids and head off to the bus.From Chester we traveled to the Wilmslow Club to play our second match against team England. We had some extra motivation for this game because an extension for our curfew was on the line. We needed a margin of victory of 6 goals to achieve an extra hour for our last night out in Manchester. I think the score was something like 15-4...Koppens had 3, while (Collin) Finnerty had a game high 5 goals.

Nicky D (Disimile) (a.k.a The take-a-way machine...a.k.a I'll clear it myself) had a solid defensive performance. DJ Comer a.k.a Dozer almost killed the entire James Family with an athletic riding attempt. Brian Gormley (46nicknames) tried to redeem himself from the Scotland game with a high to low shot but sadly enough he missed...again. All and all it was a enjoyable game followed by a great social with the English team.

We left the field around 10 pm and went back to our Hotel to change and get ready for a night out in Manchester. MVP of the night was Brian Cullinane...enough said. Off to Ireland tomorrow!