Men's Lacrosse In Europe: Updates From The Trip Of A Lifetime

May 31, 2009

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The Loyola College men's lacrosse team is currently on a ten-day trip of Europe which will take them to four different countries-Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland-to play five matches, all while taking in the beautiful sights. While the team is away, various players have been blogging their experiences for Below are the first two blogs from rising senior Cooper MacDonnell and junior Jake Hagelin. Please check back to this site throughout the week for more updates.

Saturday, May 30: Blog by Cooper MacDonnell

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND -In our second day in Scotland we traveled to the Nations capital, Edinburgh where we went site seeing at the Edinburgh Castle. The castle overlooks the entire city and sits on top of an extinct volcano. The views were breath taking and something I will remember for a lifetime.

After our tremendous tour we set out to embark in a friendly fixture with the Scotish National lacrosse team. The competition during our three scrimmages was subpar at best. Although the competition is not as strong as it is in the US, we got to learn a whole new set of rules that are played internationally. Everyone was very friendly and afterward they treated us to a social where we got to interact with the Scotland players. At the conclusion of the social we jumped back on the bus and headed back to Stirling where we ate dinner as a team and wrapped up our great day. -Coop

Sunday, May 31: Blog by Jake Hagelin

MANCHESTER, ENGLAND -As we woke up early at The Golden Lion hotel, we ate breakfast and then boarded the bus to head to Manchester. This day soon turned into a travel day. For the past two nights we have stayed in Stirling and Edinburgh. We were told that the bus ride would be about 4 hours but this soon turned into an entire days worth of traveling. We stopped in Melrose for a short break and headed right back onto the bus.

Then, we headed to Jedburgh for some free time. We went to the Scottish Café and ate lunch. As I proceeded to order, I wanted something quick. I asked what was good and the waitress told me to get the haggis panini. I then asked what exactly was haggis. She replied its very good just do not ask what its made from. I then responded okay I would have the tuna and mozzarella. However, Stephen Murray did get the haggis and totties. Haggis is a meal that is the stomach of a sheep.

We then continued driving through the scenic back roads of Scotland. There were hundreds and hundreds of acres of land across hills and mountains. Everywhere you look there was either cows or sheep in the farmlands. About an hour into this ride we stopped yet again. We got some refreshments and returned for the final ride into Manchester.

This was going to be about a 3 hour ride. Once again there we witnessed the beautiful countryside of Scotland and England. Finally, we arrived and checked into our hotel. It was about 8 o'clock by the time we settled in at the Willowbank Hotel. Dinner was at 8:30 and was very good.

After dinner we walked around the town for a few hours and then just recently returned to the hotel. We have a game tomorrow and are visiting Liverpool so were going to need some sleep.