Post Game Quotes: Canisius and Loyola, NCAA First Round

May 12, 2012

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Canisius College Golden Griffins

Head Coach Randy Mearns
"My hat is off to Coach Toomey and his squad. They put on a clinic in terms of the pick and roll with their attack group. They started pressing our poles and kind of changed the fundamentals of our defense. One thing we said as a team is we're just going to continue to play to win. We needed to start taking some chances offensively when we did get the ball. They can get up and down the field pretty quick. So all of a sudden it was 11-3 and then 12-3. At that time, as a coaching staff, we wanted to make sure we got our seniors on one last run and we wanted to make sure the other 32 guys got the NCAA experience."

Head Coach Randy Mearns
"I couldn't be more proud of our guys. With our backs against the wall, we got to the NCAA Championship. We gave Loyola a heck of a fight in that first half. Unfortunately, it just didn't go our way in the second half. My hat's off to them, but for our guys, I just couldn't be more proud."


Loyola University Maryland

Head Coach Charley Toomey
"Survive and advance. I want to give our guys a lot of credit for coming out in that second half with a sense of urgency. I think you're going to need that in every quarter of this tournament.

"My hat's off to Canisius. They really came to play today. I thought they had a great plan. They went toe-to-toe with us. They went after every ground ball. That was the team we had seen on tape. They've got some terrific players and they came out and gave us everything that we could handle. When we get going, I think we're a tough to handle too. I'm proud of my young men. I think they were ready to play today. We had Canisius take it to us for one quarter, but I think we'll be ready going forward."

Loyola senior JP Dalton
On how meaningful is it to advance

"It's a really good feeling. All the guys in the locker room are really excited. It's kind of like all of our hard work is paying off so far. We're excited, mostly, to be able go to practice on Monday. That's a big thing for us. We get to keep going in our season toward an NCAA Championship.

"But really, it's about the guys in the locker room being happy with where we are and with how we're working, and being able to go to practice on Monday and having a different opponent to look forward to on Saturday. It's a great feeling for us and it's a good feeling for the University. We get a lot of support from them and we get a lot of support from Baltimore and lacrosse fans in general. It's been a really special year and we want to keep riding the wave."