Caves Valley Golf Club

What They're Saying About Caves Valley

Arnold Palmer: "I've played this course a number of times and it's as good a Senior Open course as anywhere I've played. The golf course is tremendous. The fairways are generous. The greens are very good, and they're going to be very fast. I have not a problem in this world with this golf course and the long finishing holes. I think they're very, very good. And I think the golf course is very, very good."

Tom Kite "After the first three holes the game is on. The golf course just keeps building and building as the round goes on, and finishing up with four of the toughest finishing holes we've [Senior Tour] got."

Lanny Wadkins "You're talking about three of the hardest holes, 15, 17 and 18, that we're going to play all year. [The course's varying length] forces players to hit a lot of short irons and a lot of long irons, but nothing in between."

Bruce Fleisher (before Senior Open): "It should be difficult. It should be hard. I can't imagine a better venue. This is gonna be a real treat for everybody."

Tom Fazio: "I think God put a golf course here 25-million years ago. It just took us this long to find it."

Dennis Satyshur (Caves Valley Director of Golf): "We're only 14 years old, but it doesn't look like a new course. Most people would tell you it looks like the course has been here forever."

Fazio: "If I could write a program for what I'd like to do as a golf course designer and golf fanatic, this is it."

Fred Gibson: "It's a tough, hard golf course. And if you get the wind going the different direction, one hole could play driver, wedge and turn around 20 minutes later it might be a driver and a five-iron. The greens don't hold when they're tucked over some of these bunkers that they have out there. Preparing is really important, what time you play."

Fazio: "Certainly the last four holes do have some strength to them. Interestingly enough, if you look at the last four holes on the front nine, you'll find the same thing. Many of the old courses had the strength built into the finish and Caves Valley just fit in that way. It is really based on the terrain. Topography, site conditions, and it just so happened to fit here that the short holes were short and the long holes were long. And the long holes tended to be at the end of the round, that's kind of how it evolved.

Hale Irwin: "It's a very good golf course. There were a lot of good holes that required a lot of good golf shots...and enough trouble to keep us on our toes."

David Fay (USGA Executive Director): "It met every test. The way it was presented, it was all top-shelf. What happened [at the 2002 US Senior Open] cemented its position as a memorable venue. That's what you're looking for."

Fred Ridley (USGA President): "There is no place in the world I enjoy coming to more than Caves Valley. It's all about the people - it's about the members, it's about the staff and it's about the leadership who are so committed to providing this excellent environment to enjoy the game."

Fred Funk: "I've been hearing a lot of good things. But it's even better than I expected."

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