Scholz Rides In 'Parade Of Gold'

Oct. 4, 2008

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RODGERS FORGE, Md. - Loyola College sophomore swimmer Phil Scholz participated in today's "Parade of Gold," a procession through Towson and the Rodgers Forge neighborhood, just north of Loyola.

Scholz, who swam for the United States at the Paralympic Games in Beijing, China, last month, was honored along with other Olympic medalists from the Baltimore area.

Eight-time gold medalist Michael Phelps was the headliner at the parade, along with Olympic silver medalist and Loyola Volunteer Assistant Coach Katie Hoff and Scholz's Paralympic teammate Jessica Long.

Scholz rode in the back of a Ford Mustang convertible during the festivities.

"It is interesting the number of people that mistook me for Michael Phelps," Scholz said. "One girl ran up to the car and was screaming, `is that Michael Phelps; is that Michael Phelps?' She was almost hyperventilating.

"The driver said, `no, he's in a Hummer a few cars back.' It was a really cool experience; the whole thing. I heard people yelling out, `Loyola,' a lot, too."

Scholz will also participate in tonight's "Star Spangled Spectacular" at Fort McHenry that include a fireworks salute and festival to celebrate their accomplishments.