Swimming & Diving Garners Academic All-America Status

July 13, 2006

Baltimore, Md. - The Loyola College men's and women's swimming and diving teams have been recognized as Academic All-America institutions by the Collegiate Swimming Coaches Association of America. The CSCAA recently recognized programs for their academic success based on team GPA.

"I am equally as proud of our accomplishments in the classroom as in the pool," says Head Coach Brian Loeffler. "We have an exceptional group of student-athletes that are well deserving of this national recognition by the CSCAA."

The Coaches Association ranks its academic honorees on a scale from Commendable to Superior with Commendable Programs earning team GPA's of 2.80 to 2.99, Excellent Programs ranging from 3.00 to 3.24 and Superior Programs posting GPA's over 3.25.

The Greyhound women earned a Superior ranking with a 3.30 GPA, while the men were deemed Excellent with a GPA of 3.01.

Loyola's swimming and diving team was one of the most successful in the classroom last year with 14 members of the women's squad earning Dean's List recognition, including Tess Drazdowski, who registered a perfect 4.0.

"Having nearly half of the women as a member of the dean's list is a staggering feat," adds Loeffler. "It really shows our commitment to academics at Loyola."

Other members of the Dean's List included Jayme Adams, Emily Benton, Melissa Birkenmeier, Lindsay Comodore, Kaitlyn Dambach, Allison Duffy, Liz Ferry, Megan Hadley, Laura Hanlon, Lauren Harrington, Meagan Parrott, Stephanie Pelullo and Megan Sterback.

On the men's side, senior Jim Malone, sophomore Patrick Hicks and freshman E.J. Verrico were all members of the Dean's List. Additionally, senior John McNamara graduated with the highest Cumulative GPA of all Student athletes with 3.915.

Below is a complete list of all Division I Academic All-America Institutions rated Superior and Excellent.

Division I - Men3.48--American University3.45--Dartmouth College3.36--Georgetown University3.35--Brown University3.34--Xavier University3.32--Southern Methodist University3.29--Harvard University3.26--University of Nevada - Las Vegas3.24--University of Cincinnati3.24--Georgia Tech University3.23--Bucknell University3.21--University of Minnesota3.20--Ball State3.20--Valparaiso University3.18--Michigan State University3.18--University of Notre Dame3.18--University of the Pacific3.17--Evansville University3.17--Ohio State University3.16--Boston College3.16--Duquesne University3.14--Eastern Michigan University3.12--University of Maryland - Baltimore County3.11--Duke University3.10--University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee3.09--Binghamton University3.09--Fordham University3.09--Seton Hall University3.08--Wright State University3.08--Butler University3.08--Lafayette College3.08--Missouri State University3.06--Brigham Young University3.06--Ohio University3.05--Iona College3.05-- University of New Hampshire3.05--University of Virginia3.05--University of Wisconsin - Madison3.05--Villanova University3.05--University of Alabama3.04--LaSalle University3.04--University of California - Berkeley3.03--Syracuse University3.02--United States Naval Academy3.01--Florida State University3.01--University of Missouri3.01-- Virginia Military Institute3.01--Loyola College3.00--George Washington University

Division I - Women3.61--Georgetown University3.61--Manhattan College3.59--University of South Carolina3.57--Iona College3.57--Wright State University3.54--Eastern Michigan University3.53--Gardner-Webb University3.52-- University of North Texas3.51--Dartmouth College3.50--Boston College3.49--Butler University3.49--George Washington University3.49--Wagner College3.48--Washington State University3.46--Duquesne University3.45--Penn State University3.45--Brown University3.43--University of Akron3.43--Michigan State University3.42--Clemson University3.42--University of Wyoming3.39-- University of Kansas3.39-- Virginia Tech3.38--Lafayette College3.38--Duke University3.37--Bucknell University3.36--University of Cincinnati3.35--Missouri State University3.34--University of Wisconsin - Green Bay3.34--University of Wisconsin - Madison3.34--Valparaiso University3.33--Villanova University3.33--Northwestern University3.33--University of the Pacific3.32--American University3.32--Oregon State University3.32--University of Virginia3.31--Brigham Young University3.31--University of Minnesota3.30--Loyola College3.30--Ball State3.29-- University of Tennessee3.29--Xavier University3.29--Texas A & M3.28--Harvard University3.27--Evansville University3.27--University of Georgia3.27--University of Vermont3.26--Saint Bonaventure University3.26--Oakland University3.26--University of New Hampshire3.26--Fordham University3.26--South Dakota State University3.25--Central Connecticut State University3.25--Indiana University- Purdue University Indianapolis3.25--Southern Methodist University3.25--Binghamton University3.23--Niagara University3.23--University of Iowa3.23--University of Michigan - Ann Arbor3.21--Iowa State University3.20-- Tulane University3.20--Illinios State University3.20--North Carolina State University3.20--Purdue University3.20--University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee3.19--Saint Francis University (PA)3.19-- University of Illinois3.19--Radford University3.18--Georgia Tech University3.18--Northeastern University3.18--University of Utah3.18--Seton Hall University3.17--University of Maryland - Baltimore County3.17--University of Missouri3.17--University of Notre Dame3.16--Syracuse University3.15--Drexel University3.14--Miami University (OH)3.14--Ohio State University3.14--Rice University3.12--Ohio University3.12-- University of Washington3.11--Colgate University3.11--East Carolina University3.11--Texas Christian University3.10--Auburn University3.10--Florida State University3.08--University of Illinois - Chicago3.08--University of Nevada - Las Vegas3.08--University of Louisville3.07--Davidson College3.07--University of California - Santa Barbara3.05--University of Massachusetts - Amherst3.04--University of Northern Colorado3.04--William and Mary3.03-- LaSalle University3.03--University of Pittsburgh3.03--University of Rhode Island3.03--United States Military Academy3.02--University of Alabama3.02--University of San Diego3.01--University of California - Berkeley3.01--University of California - Los Angeles3.01--West Virginia University