Class of 2014 Student-Athletes Celebrate Graduation

May 21, 2014

BALTIMORE - Sixty-eight student-athletes joined their peers last Saturday to celebrate Loyola University Maryland's 162nd Commencement, and they made the transition official from college student to alumni.

The group joined four other former student-athletes who completed their bachelor degree requirements last summer or winter. All told, 864 undergraduate students received their diplomas in the ceremony at the Baltimore arena.

For more on the graduating class, click here, or view a photo gallery from commencement on Loyola's Facebook page.

Congratulations to the student-athletes who received their diplomas!

Name Academic Program Sport
Avery Allen Psychology Women's Swimming & Diving
Victoria Arturi Psychology Women's Swimming & Diving
Tiffany Ash Elementary Education Women's Tennis
Stephanie Baliko Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Women's Swimming & Diving
Nick Barletta Business Management Men's Cross Country
Bryan Bedacht Business Marketing Men's Swimming & Diving
Sam Berizzi Psychology/Advertising & Public Relations Women's Swimming & Diving
Julien Brice Mechanical Engineering Men's Swimming & Diving
Michael Brown Biology/Psychology Men's Swimming & Diving
Marissa Buccellato Biology Women's Track & Field
Jac Bullock Biology Women's Volleyball
Chantal Celestin Advertising & Public Relations Women's Soccer
Courtney Chenet International Business Women's Swimming & Diving
Dylon Cormier Advertising & Public Relations Men's Basketball
Caitlin Cronin Business Marketing Women's Swimming & Diving
Jeff DeSanto Biology Men's Tennis
Molly Dickerson Elementary Education Women's Lacrosse
Stephen Dooley Finance Men's Soccer
Kyle Duffy Finance Men's Lacrosse
Benjamin Duva Information Systems Men's Swimming & Diving
Zachary Eller Biology Men's Swimming & Diving
Joe Fletcher Accounting Men's Lacrosse
Elena Frac Business Marketing Women's Volleyball
Lisa Fralinger Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Women's Swimming & Diving
Kelly Gajdzisz Business Economics Women's Swimming & Diving
Ryan Gordon Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Men's Swimming & Diving
Alison Habicht Business Administration Women's Lacrosse
Didi Haracic Digital Media Women's Soccer
Drew Husted Accounting/Information Systems Men's Swimming & Diving
Nick Irvine Quantitative Economics Men's Soccer
Shan Kadkoy Finance Men's Swimming & Diving
Michael Kelly Finance/Information Systems Men's Swimming & Diving
Pat Laconi Business Economics Men's Lacrosse
Brendan Lemp Business Marketing Men's Golf
Ryan Leonard Accounting/Information Systems Men's Swimming & Diving
Cameron Liebert International Business Men's Golf
Connor Lisco Information Systems Men's Tennis
Melissa Lookingland Elementary Education Women's Soccer
Faye Lukas Visual Arts/Digital Media Women's Volleyball
Gretchen Mayer Discrete-Algorithmic Mathematics Women's Lacrosse
Andrew McGill Finance Men's Golf
Diego McQuestion International Business Men's Soccer
Eric Michaelis International Business Men's Tennis
Elizabeth Mixa Advertising & Public Relations Women's Swimming & Diving
Rachel Nerenberg Business Management Women's Track & Field/XC
Jacob Norfolk Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Men's Swimming & Diving
Nneka Offodile Biology/Psychology Women's Basketball
Chido Onyiuke Biology Men's Basketball
Marlee Paton Advertising & Public Relations Women's Lacrosse
Deanna Petrelis Speech-Language Pathology/Audiology Women's Swimming & Diving
Jacqueline Porter Biology Women's Track & Field
Samantha Reeves Business Marketing Women's Volleyball
Simone Reid Advertising & Public Relations Women's Volleyball
Katherine Reinhard Journalism Women's Lacrosse
Thomas Robinson Psychology Men's Lacrosse
Jack Runkel Business Administration Men's Lacrosse
Kevin Ryan Advertising & Public Relations Men's Lacrosse
Nicole Sarby International Business Women's Volleyball
Matt Sawyer Advertising & Public Relations Men's Lacrosse
Brian Schultz Advertising & Public Relations Men's Lacrosse
Erin Shea Biology Women's Swimming & Diving
Noelle Staib Advertising & Public Relations Women's Swimming & Diving
Erin Thomson Mechanical Engineering Women's Swimming & Diving
Thurman Van Riper Accounting Men's Soccer
Deja Walker Information Systems Women's Soccer
Justin Ward Finance Men's Lacrosse
Courtney Willeford Journalism Women's Track & Field
Derek Zook Finance Men's Lacrosse
January 2014 Graduates
Toni Cowan Sociology Women's Soccer
Zach Kane History/Digital Media Men's Soccer
Jamie Libby Business Economics Men's Soccer
September 2013 Graduate
Nicole Krusen Business Marketing Women's Basketball