Swim Teams Earn Academic All-America Status

March 15, 2004

Baltimore, Md. - The Loyola College swimming and diving teams earn national recognition on the 2004 All-Academic list. The College Swim Coaches Association of America (CSCAA) announced their Team Academic All- Americans for the fall semester and both Greyhound squads rank in the Top-30.

The Loyola men rank eighth in the nation with an overall team GPA of 3.204. Denver, the top-ranked academic team on the men's side, finished the fall with a team-GPA of 3.578. Duke, Georgetown, Dartmouth and BYU round out the Top-5.

On the women's side, Loyola earned the 26th-highest grade point average with an excellent 3.296 team total. Butler topped the women's list with a 3.690.

Loyola capped a highly successful 2003-04 swimming and diving campaign with a third-place showing at the conference championship meet.

Division I - Women 3.690   Butler University3.584   Gardner-Webb University3.550   Denver, University of3.489   Washington State University3.476   Arkansas, University of3.450   Dartmouth3.440   Iowa State3.438   Louisville, University of3.420   The Ohio State University3.411   Seton Hall3.406   Manhattan College3.382   Duke University3.370   Yale3.360   Oregon State University3.350   Ball State University3.350   Penn State University3.350   Georgia Tech3.347   Boston College3.340   UW-Green Bay3.340   Bucknell University3.338   Buffalo, University at3.331   American Unviersity3.330   Pacific, University of the3.320   Iona College3.296   St. John's University3.296   Loyola College 3.290   Pittsburgh, Univeristy of3.280   University of Minnesota3.270   St. Bonaventure University3.270   Princeton University3.270   Evansville, University of3.260   Purdue University3.257   Oakland University3.255   Cincinnati, University of3.255   Auburn University3.250   Arizona State University3.247   University of Notre Dame3.234   Georgetown University3.227   Syracuse3.227   Davidson College3.220   Lafayette College3.216   Binghamton Unviersity3.200   Kansas, University of3.200   Clemson University3.200   Brigham Young University3.190   Southern Methodist3.180   Utah, University of3.180   LaSalle University3.170   Vermont, University of3.169   Florida State3.165   Louisiana State University3.163   Miami, University of3.160   Sacred Heart University3.160   Lehigh University3.160   Georgia, University of3.157   Illinois, University of3.154   University of Arkansas, Little Rock3.150   Northwestern University3.131   Maryland-College Park, University of3.130   Michigan, University of3.122   Indiana University3.117   Ohio University3.110   Xavier University3.110   Iowa, University of3.100   Rice University3.092   Texas Christian University3.092   Florida, University of3.090   Houston, University of3.089   UW-Milwaukee3.080   Missouri, University of3.080   Illinois State University3.079   Connecticut, University of3.050   Southern Illinois University3.045   Colorado State University3.043   North Carolina-Chapel Hill, University of3.040   San Diego, University of3.026   Fordham University3.014   Tulane University3.010   Nevada, University of2.991   United States Military Academy2.990   US Air Force Academy2.964   Wyoming, University of2.952   Alabama, University of2.910   California- Los Angeles, University of2.900   Rutgers University2.890   Colgate University2.850   Texas A&M University2.850   Tennessee, University of

Division I - Men 3.578 Denver, University of3.326 Duke University3.284 Georgetown University3.270 Dartmouth3.260 Brigham Young University3.220 Yale3.210 Penn State University3.204 Loyola College 3.200 Pacific, University of the3.190 St. John's University3.180 Princeton University3.176 Boston College3.167 American Unviersity3.139 Eastern Michigan University3.126 Auburn University3.120 Xavier3.100 Lafayette College3.100 Clemson University3.098 Syracuse3.090 University of Minnesota3.075 Louisville, University of3.063 Florida, University of3.060 Colgate University3.050 The Ohio State University3.050 Notre Dame, University of3.050 California-Berkeley, University of3.046 Indiana University3.038 Binghamton Unviersity2.992 Seton Hall2.964 UW-Milwaukee2.960 UW-Green Bay2.960 Purdue University2.957 Ohio University2.946 Texas A&M University2.940 US Naval Academy2.940 Georgia, University of2.934 Michigan, University of2.931 Miami, University of2.910 Missouri, University of2.910 Buffalo, University at2.900 US Air Force Academy2.891 Fordham University2.890 Northwestern University2.890 Iona College2.890 Evansville, University of2.885 Louisiana State University2.885 Alabama, University of2.865 Wyoming, University of2.850 Arizona State University2.840 Georgia Tech2.830 Bucknell University2.829 Oakland University2.810 Iowa, University of