Bull & Oyster Race

Jan. 31, 2012

The current varsity and novice squads welcomed back 5 recent alumni at practice before the Annual Bull & Oyster Roast. The tradition of alumni returning for a practice goes back much longer than I have been a part of the team, but a tradition that I look forward to each year. For the novices the practice lets them see what they can become, if they are dedicated to the team for 4 years, and for the varsity rowers, it is a time to prove that the rowing program is strengthening at Loyola.

Jack Vitanovec ‘09 and Josh Tarini ‘11, as well as the team’s new assistant coach, John Kauffman,  participated in the Alumni Race of Doom, along with 20 members of the men’s team. The women’s team completed a race of doom as well, but due to the early start time, no alumni were able to attend. The race this year, due to the snow on the ground, consisted of at least 10,000 meter per person on each team, as well as, push-ups, sit-ups and various other rowing exercises. The race took a little over an hour and fifteen minutes to complete with the team of Chris Golon, John Kauffman, Mike Skopelitis and Mike Bloom recording the fastest time. Following the race, the alumni joined the seniors for breakfast.

The team would like to thank the alumni that came back this year to show support for the program, and look forward to seeing more alumni return again next year for the Bull & Oyster Race.

By Chris Golon ’12, Men’s Co-Captain