Novice Rowers

Jan. 31, 2012

The 2011-12 Novice Rowers are a high spirited and talented group of men and women.  They number 19 Freshmen and the group has been working hard since September. One of the most exciting things in rowing is seeing athletes improve. The Novices have steadily improved their erg scores and their rowing technique. Filip Zigic currently has the top erg score for Novice Men and Kathleen McCarthy has the top erg score for Novice Women.  In the process of doing all the hard training, they all have become good friends. They often study and `hang out' together outside of practice.

Head Novice Coach Stefan Koch and Assistant Novice Coach Simone Kettel use various methods to develop these new athletes. The focus in the fall was basic skills on the water and in the cold weather the squad ergs, runs, does strength training with Strength Coach Ellie Ritscher, and does Yoga. 11 Novices participated in the January training trip to Tampa Bay. All of the novices greatly improved their skill level through 3 practices each day and the Novice Men also competed in a scrimmage against William & Mary. The W&M boat was composed of upper classmen and freshmen who rowed in high school, but Loyola was undaunted. The Hounds raced hard, challenged the speed of the opponent, and learned a lot about racing. This will help them greatly when regular races against other Novice boats begin in March. The team is excited for the upcoming spring season and seems destined to have a great impact on the future of Loyola Crew.