Crew Competes at Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta

Nov. 12, 2005

Complete Results

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - The Greyhound crew teams began their weekend in the City of Brotherly Love by competing in the Philadelphia Frostbite Regatta. It was the first of two meets for Loyola in two days as the Greyhounds will participate in the Braxton Memorial Regatta on Sunday.

"We had some mishaps during the event that kept us from having the results that we wanted," Coach Al Ramirez said. "We will rebound from it and look to improve from here."

The men's novice 4 crew finished in first place with a time of 7:10.66, beating out teams from St. Joseph's, Temple and New York Maritime. The Greyhounds beat the St. Joseph's C boat by nearly 13 seconds.

The women's novice 4 crew finished with a time of 9:56.4, which was ahead of teams from Sacred Heart, Scranton, Oswego State and Wilkes. Lehigh won the event with a time of 8:24.36.

The women's lightweight 8 earned a time of 8:36.79, which was just four seconds behind Lehigh. Scranton finished in a distant third place with a time of 11:42.24.

The Greyhound men's lightweight 8 crew earned a mark of 7:54.08, which was ahead of New York Maritime, Lehigh and Scranton. Lehigh earned first place with a time of 7:24.01.

In the women's novice 8, Loyola finished the course with a time of 8:39.98, which beat teams from Temple, Binghamton, Sacred Heart, Maryland and Scranton.

The men's novice 8 boat earned a time of 7:42.51, which was ahead of six other boats. Meanwhile, the men's varsity four had a strong showing with a time of 8:37.30, which beat out teams from Scranton and Haverford. New York Maritime earned the win with a mark of 7:27.37.

The women's lightweight 4 boat earned a time of 8:11.5, while the men's boat earned a mark of 7:17.68.

The women's varsity eight boat recorded a time of 8:14.91 despite having two freshmen thrown into the lineup at the last minute. The men's boat earned a mark of 6:45.93, finishing ahead of Johns Hopkins by nearly four seconds.

The Greyhounds continue their Philadelphia weekend trip on Sunday at the Bill Braxton Memorial Regatta.