'Hounds Row Well On Regional And National Stages

April 15, 2007

Baltimore, Md. - Loyola's crew teams just completed two highly successful weeks of rowing, where they showed that they could compete with regional rivals in Fairfax, Va, while also competing against good programs from all over the nation at the Knecht Cup in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Leading the way for the `Hounds was the Men's Varsity and Novice Eights, with the MV8 taking third and the MN8 taking second on the Occoquan, while they both were able to take ninth overall on the Camden River. Also producing results for Coach Al Ramirez was the WV4 and the WN8. The WV4 raced to a second place finish in Fairfax, while the WN8 raced to a third place finish. Both of the women's boats just missed advancing to the finals in Cherry Hill by one place.

In Fairfax, MV8 line up of Devin Marsicovetere, Tom Scida, Ed Garnett, Doug Brown, Cody Kishur, Kyle Sanphy, Tom Bellew, Dan Reardon, and Laura Fischer were able to beat crews from George Mason, Lafayette, and University of Maryland, but they were unable to take first as they were barely beaten by UNC and Williams, loosing by .5 and 1.5 seconds respectively.

In Cherry Hill, Ramirez's crew, this time with Jack Vitanovec alternating with Bellew, took third in the petite finals, loosing to Rochester and Lehigh, by 1.4 and 3.8 seconds respectively. However, they were able to beat crews from UNC, Maryland, and Baltimore rival Johns Hopkins.

"It shows a lot about this crew that we were able to turn around and beat UNC after they barely beat us on the Occoquan," said Scida, a senior. "One thing we have prided ourselves on these last few years is that we have always been able to bounce back from really close raced and beat those teams the next time we see them."

Also racing for the Men's Varsity at the Knecht Cup was a MV4, raced by Marsicovetere, Scida, Kishur, Bellew, and Fischer. The crew was able to meddle, taking the bronze. They were able to beat crews from Maryland, Lehigh, and Temple, while loosing to good crews from Colgate and Dowling.

The MN8, rowed by Nick Miano, Marc Hess, Maciej Owissany, Matt Butcher, Dennis Delany, Travis O'Neal, Dan Keenan, Tom Berkery, and Jen Benensky took second at the Occoquan Sprints, loosing to UNC, but beating crews from Williams, George Mason, Washington College, and Lafayette.

On the Camden River, the crew took third in the petite final, beating crews from BC, Philadelphia, and MAAC conference rival Marist. The crews were unable to beat crews from Washington College and Fordham, loosing by .3 and 1.9 seconds respectively. On the Women's side, the WV4 rowed by Nicole Yaeger, Lauren Opilanski, Lauren Corcoran, Meg Thompson, and Christine Drennan took second in their race on the Occoquan, beating Lafayette A, Williams, and Stockton, and loosing to Lafayette B.

In Cherry Hill, this time with Liz Gunner alternating with Thompson, the WV4, missed advancing to the petite finals by 1.3 seconds to both Sothern Methodist and Kansas B. Had the girls beaten either of those teams time wise, they would have advanced.

"This is another close race that we've lost in this boat," said senior captain Lauren Opalenski. "We just have to keep learning, bouncing back, and practicing hard to possibly beat some of these crews at the end of the year.

The WN8 rowed by Daisy Carter, Megan Fregeau, Kelly McDermott, Liz Staub, Nell O'Connell, Paulina Stachnik, Shiela Marsicovetere, Molly Riley, and Genevieve Dalton, was able to take third at the Occoquan Sprints, beating UMW, Lafayette, and George Mason, while loosing to crews from Williams and William and Mary.

On the Cooper River, with Thompson now in the boat instead of Riley, the crew suffered the same fate as the V4, missing the petite finals by one place, loosing by .3 seconds to MIT.

The Hounds will be in action again next Sunday at MAAC championships where both the men's and women's teams will try to top defending champion Marist.