Greyhounds Open Spring At Jesuit Invitational

March 18, 2006

Cooper River, N.J. - The Loyola College crew teams commenced their spring season at the Jesuit Invitational on the Cooper River in New Jersey over the weekend. Chilly conditions and strong cross-tailwinds met the field consisting of Georgetown, Holy Cross, Boston College, St. Joseph's and Loyola.

The Loyola men's team, larger and more talented than it has been in recent years, was not able to match the historically powerful teams from Georgetown and Holy Cross, but were still impressive considering they has only been on the water for nine days this spring.

The Varsity 4 had the best shot at a top position, as the Greyhounds raced well, finishing behind St. Joe's by only two seconds.

"Although a win would have been nice, we prioritize the 8 right now and simply have not been practicing a four man line-up," says Loyola Head Coach Al Ramirez. "We will likely be putting some time in as we could be competitive in this category in a championship environment later on."

On the women's side, injury and weather-cancelled practices combined to form a formidable row of hurdles for the Greyhounds. Despite the distractions, the women arrived Saturday game to race, and although they left the races a little disappointed, they were ready to get back to the drawing board.

The women's novice team was very happy with their tight racing in the Novice 8 against Georgetown. Essentially fighting bow-ball to bow-ball down the course, they were edged out before the line.

The women varsity boats were overpowered by deeper more experienced teams, but did return stroker Nikki Yaeger, who is back after shoulder injuries curtailed her rowing all winter.

"We strive to have the best race of the season each time we go out and just did not perform as well as we could have in the challenging conditions," says Ramirez. "It's not easy to race against stronger crews and takes a level of confidence that we are still working to build."

Men's RacingVarsity 8:Georgetown A 5:50.80Holy Cross 5:55.55Saint Joseph's 5:57.41Georgetown B 6:01.79Loyola 6:44.99

2nd Varsity 8:Georgetown 6:02.70Saint Joseph's 6:10.30Holy Cross 6:20.0Loyola 7:02.9

Freshman 8:Georgetown B 5:57.26Saint Joseph's 5:58.60Georgetown A 6:02.08Boston College 6:23.54Loyola 6:40.09

Lightweight 8:Georgetown A nttSaint Joseph's +:08.57Holy Cross +:15.82Georgetown B +:16.93Boston College +:24.75Loyola +:58.99

2nd Freshman 8:Saint Joseph's 5:24.58Georgetown 5:45.07Boston College 6:19.00

Varsity 4:Georgetown 7:03.93Saint Joseph's 7:19.90Loyola 7:21.99

Women's RacingVarsity 8:Boston College 6:54.93Georgetown A 6:58.85Saint Joseph's 7:09.36Holy Cross 7:09.60Georgetown B 7:16.48Loyola 7:43.52

2nd Varsity 8:Boston College 7:07:34Holy Cross 7:21.07Saint Joseph's 7:32.42

Freshman 8:Saint Joseph's 7:20.90Georgetown 7:26.36Boston College 7:40.05Loyola 7:42.28

Varsity 4:Georgetown A 7:28.78Holy Cross 7:42.69Boston College B 7:47.62Boston College A 7:50.69Loyola 7:51.68Saint Joseph's 7:54.25

Freshman 4:Holy Cross 7:51.00Saint Joseph's 7:55.20Georgetown A 8:00.70Georgetown B 8:06.00Loyola 8:49.63

Lightweight 8:Georgetown nttSaint Joseph's +:23.91