Loyola Hosts Patriot League Presidents, Health & Wellness Summit

Dec. 18, 2014

BALTIMORE - The Patriot League Council of Presidents held a Health and Wellness Summit as part of its meetings held at Loyola University Maryland last week to discuss key medical issues facing today's student-athletes.

Patriot League presidents, athletic directors, senior woman administrators, team physicians and athletic trainers were all on hand for a presentation by Dr. Brian Hainline, Chief Medical Officer for the NCAA. Hainline oversees the NCAA Sport Science Institute, a national center of excellence whose mission is to promote and develop safety, excellence, and wellness in college student-athletes, and to foster life-long physical and mental development. The NCAA Sport Science Institute works collaboratively with member institutions and centers of excellence across the United States.

"I had an extraordinary meeting with the Patriot League leadership, including the executive director, university presidents, athletic directors and senior women administrators, team physicians and athletic trainers," said Hainline. "It is clear that the Patriot League views the student-athlete as a whole person who is engaged in academics, athletics, and the college experience. We discussed concussion, mental health, cardiac issues and overuse injuries from the perspective of the student-athlete, and I was impressed how everyone understood the core issues and was willing to coordinate high-level action plans to address these conditions."

Patriot League administrators believe the Health and Wellness Summit and Dr. Hainline's presentation will be beneficial as the League continues to promote student-athlete welfare.

"Those at all levels of the institution who work with athletes deal with a range of issues, truly daunting in their breadth and depth, in order to ensure their well being," said Dr. Cornelius Kerwin, President of American University and chair of the Patriot League Council of Presidents. "The presidents and athletic directors assembled for the Summit felt their already strong commitment to the health and well being of our student-athletes was substantially reinforced."

"Dr. Hainline's presentation was valuable and timely relative to issues we have been discussing within our League," said Joe Sterrett, Dean of Athletics at Lehigh University and chair of the Patriot League Committee on Athletic Adminstriation. "His energy and focus are directed at promoting discussions and collaborative research aimed at preserving and enhancing the safety of college sports and the health of the participants. As a conference that believes in offering a broad range of educationally based programs in order to enrich the personal growth of participants, the Patriot League can and should be an active partner in these collaborative efforts."

"I'm confident the entire audience benefited from hearing our Chief Medical Officer discuss such important, current issues," said Matt Bayly, Director of Sports Medicine at Lafayette College and chair of the Patriot League Sports Medicine Committee. "His advocacy of the valuable health care athletic trainers provide today's student-athlete was quite timely in relation to exciting points of emphasis the NCAA has made with regard to athletic health care."

The Patriot League and its member institutions are committed to protecting the health and well-being of all student-athletes involved in intercollegiate sport activities. Each member institution has developed a specific concussion management plan per NCAA Concussion Policy and Legislation found in the NCAA Sports Medicine Handbook.

"The health and wellness of our student-athletes is paramount for our institutions," said Carolyn Schlie Femovich, Executive Director of the Patriot League. "The Summit provided a unique opportunity for dialogue and collaboration across our membership on these critical issues. We applaud the work that Dr. Hainline is leading at the national level and thank him for engaging with us."

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