Chris Herren Delivers Powerful Message To Loyola Student-Athletes

Oct. 23, 2013

BALTIMORE - Former professional basketball player Chris Herren had more than 300 Loyola University Maryland student-athletes riveted Monday night as he detailed his decline into the world of drug abuse and rise to sobriety.

Herren, who played collegiately at Boston College and Fresno State University before seeing time in the NBA for the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics, and later with several international teams, offered advice to the Greyhounds on how drugs are a slippery slope that can take over your life. Herren was a gifted high school and collegiate player with his dreams at hand, only to see them slip away by abusing drugs.

"Having Chris Herren talk to our student-athletes was both truly inspiring and eye opening. His fall to the depths and rise back to prominence are impactful lessons for student-athletes," said James Paquette, Loyola assistant vice president and director of athletics. "If he reached one person in the audience to help them make the right choice, the night was a success."

Herren talked about more than drugs and was able to relate his experiences to other addictions that often impact student-athletes. He also communicated his experiences in a realistic and truthful manner, challenging listeners to step up and be good teammate, be willing to help not only yourself but your teammates and friend and above all to not be selfish.

"Chris is from the area where I grew up (Massachusetts), so I had the opportunity to hear him speak before," said men's basketball junior guard Denzel Brito. "His message is an important one that I think players need to hear. He talks about being yourself, being true to who you are and not trying to impress people for the wrong reasons. It's stuff that everyone needs to live by."