Information for Boosters & Alumni

Loyola College is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct as well as excellence in athletic performance. In addition, Loyola College, as a member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) and the National Collegiate Athletic Conference (NCAA), is responsible for insuring that its coaches, student-athletes, faculty and staff, former students, donors, boosters and friends abide by College, MAAC and NCAA regulations.

Most alumni and friends of Loyola College who have ever had contact with our men's and/or women's athletic programs are considered by the NCAA to be representatives of athletic interests (boosters). Boosters are bound by the same rules and regulations as the Athletic Department's coaches, administrators and staff members.

To be safe, we want all of our alumni and friends to assume that NCAA rules are applicable to them. There are possible consequences for the athletic department, student-athlete and the booster if a rules violation does occur. While it does not include all applicable provisions, it does include the most common situations encountered by alumni and friends and the most important NCAA rules governing those situations.

Please contact Bill Wnek at or (410) 617-2172 if you have questions related to any College, MAAC or NCAA rules.

Loyola College Athletics Booster Guide (PDF version)