Loyola College Ranked In Academic Progress Ratings

March 1, 2005

Baltimore, Md. - Loyola College in Maryland has been ranked among the nation's Top-5 schools in academic progress rate according the NCAA. The progress rate, which was compiled for every team at every Division I school, left Loyola on top with 12-of-15 programs scoring a perfect 1,000.

"Our academic success is a credit to our student-athletes, coaches and academic support staff," says Loyola Director of Athletics Joe Boylan. "Academic advisors Colleen Campbell and Adriana Mason deserve some recognition for a job well done."

The academic progress rate (APR) tracks whether scholarship athletes a) remain at the school, and b) stay academically eligible and ultimately graduate. Points are awarded, player-by-player, and the NCAA has determined that teams should hit 92.5% of their possible total -- an APR of 925. The NCAA says that projects a 50% graduation rate.

Loyola was second, only behind Yale, which had 27-of-29 teams score a perfect 1,000. The rest of the top five included Colgate, William & Mary and Holy Cross.

The NCAA report, releasing its first-ever APR rankings, measures the success in retaining scholarship athletes and keeping them eligible in each sport. Teams with no scholarships or no recruiting are not counted in the survey.

Schools and programs that fall below the NCAA's required APR risk scholarship losses under a program that could penalize entire teams for under-performing in the classroom. The NCAA is moving toward four-year average APRs for each team. Until then, or for at least three years, it's building in a margin of error that will allow teams to score less than 925 without penalty.

Loyola College is a Jesuit, liberal arts college in Baltimore, Md. with 3,200 undergraduate students and 17 Division I athletic programs.