Loyola Student-Athletes Take Part In Leadership Retreat

Feb. 26, 2013

BALTIMORE - Loyola University Maryland athletics invited 70 student-athletes to take part in a Leadership Retreat lead by Jeff Janssen of the Janssen Sports Leadership Center. Janssen has worked with over 200 colleges and universities in the United States. The 70 student-athletes that were chosen to attend the retreat were provided with the training on how to improve leadership skills, strategies, and insights they need to help the athletic department succeed on the playing arena, in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.

Several of the student-athletes that participated in the retreat felt that one of the best parts was that student-athlete leaders from all 18 of Loyola's intercollegiate sports had the opportunity to bond and create a strong leadership team that will moving forward be able to better deal with the tough issues of being a responsible and respected team leader are faced by all student-athlete leaders.

This was the second leadership event that Loyola has hosted this academic year and with the move to the Patriot League the leadership education will continue to grow and is a conference wide focus.

"At Loyola, the education of the whole person is at the core of the university mission. Leadership training will help improve our student-athlete leaders in all 18 of our intercollegiate sports." said Jim Paquette, Loyola's assistant vice president and director of athletics. "Jeff Janssen is recognized as one of the top providers of leadership training to intercollegiate athletic programs. With Jeff's assistance, Loyola is strengthening its commitment to help their student-athletes gain insight into how to become a stronger leaders."

In addition to the leadership retreat, the entire student-athlete population also gathered to learn more about the impact of social media on today's society. The presentation by Chris Dessi, a Loyola alumnus CEO of Silverback Social, who is an award winning digital thinker, television & radio commentator, author, blogger, and public speaker.

Throughout his career in New York and London Chris has worked with Fortune 500 businesses and start-ups alike. His deep marketing acumen combined with his passion for psychology, sociology and cultural studies all reside at the fulcrum of his manifesto that social media is much more of a spiritual awakening rather than a technological one.

Dessi provided the student-athletes with insight on building their online brand image and how to prepare for that big job interview with a good online resume.

Loyola athletics is building on the core values of the university and strives to educate the whole person through its life skills programming.